9 February 2015
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9 February 2015,

The study of fingerprint analysis is also known as dermatoglyphics. This scientific study has done tremendous advancements since the year 1823. A lot of research-work has gone into it and investigation agencies like FBI have been using it extensively. This analysis is being also used in legal frameworks, criminological sciences and also as a method of identification in criminal cases. It is believed that our fingers have dermal edges that are connected to the health of the mind. The fingerprints are determined by the chromosomes and they remain the same all through the life. It is for this reason that the fingerprints are utilized for making distinctions.

What is Dmit fingerprint analysis?

DMIT fingerprint analysis is a scientific terminology for the analysis of fingerprints. Here are some of its benefits.

Using this methodology, we can actually discover the potentials of the human brain i.e. multiple intelligence, working type, learning style, innate character of an individual and strength and weakness.

DMIT allows the parents to understand their children in a much better manner as they explore through the hidden talents of their child and also understand the learning pattern.

It helps people to appreciate their hidden intelligence and their preferred learning style. This in turn guides them to choose the right career option and progress in their lives.

It is a useful tool in the hands of the human resource department for recruiting work force. The organization can also ensure efficient communication through it.

The business partners can achieve their future business goals using DMIT.

Defining dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence testing

DMIT or dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence testing is an assessment done to reveal the inherent aptitude and acumen of the person. It also tries to correlate the various cognitive and creative processes in your brain. Unlike many tests that give a static performance output, DMIT is a continuous process of growth and development of human talent with a focus towards education. This testing method is based on the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ that was propounded by Dr. Howard Gardner. This test is a useful tool that will help people to improve their existing skill sets and to have an improved learning experience. For instance, if a student is facing problems with learning and use of mathematical formulae, this test will come out with recommendations of specific learning modules that are based on the natural skill-set as well as the existing strength of the student.

Thus, DMIT studies the unique potential that each person has by studying the undulations and ridges of an individual’s toes, palms and skin.

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