29 January 2015
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29 January 2015,

A child’s behaviour is subject to changes. A child’s developmental stage is complex and different stimuli affect him in different ways. In fact, the same stimuli might affect him differently on two separate days. Constant behavioral changes can cause distress in the parents and they might find their child being overactive one day and abnormally quiet the other. They might not realize that the child is facing difficulties in acclimatizing to his present environment and certain modifications in the ambience have to be made to embrace his needs. A DMIT service can be very helpful in this regard.

So what is a DMIT test?

The test involves the scanning and reading of the fingerprints of the child. The scanned fingerprints are classified and analyzed to give a reading which can help an adult or a professional counselor to understand the real inclination and aptitude of the child. Parents often end up scolding a child for not concentrating on studying or for having very bad handwriting. The test can reveal if the child has a propensity for dyslexia or dysgraphia. On the other hand, it can also reveal whether the child is at all good in academics or whether he would perform better if he is allowed to pursue sports, music or any other field.

It is a fact that the learning environment has to be suitable for the student and books are no longer the only source of knowledge. A child who might detest Biology would start loving the subject when he actually gets to observe the plants, flowers and insects from close quarters. A child who detests numbers might find immense benefit from exercise like Abacus or other brain exercise programs. A good teacher and mentor will understand these needs and the DMIT can be the first stepping stone towards understanding a child better. In fact, not only children, but even adults might gain immensely from this test. Years of experience and interpersonal relationships might have brought about certain behavioral changes in a person, which has caused a shift in his overall outlook and might be affecting the performance. A DMIT at this stage can help him to understand his own behavioral changes and he can enhance his environment so that his performance becomes better.

Thanks to technology, DMIT is now a service that can be readily accessed by all and it should be used to the fullest.

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