3 February 2015
Category DMIT
3 February 2015,

The world is progressing at an alarming rate and there has been a steady increase in the use of technology that promises maximum output in the minimum time possible and that is not simply restricted to machines. Parents are pushing their children beyond their capacity and they are struggling to keep up. Parents want to enroll their children in the best possible institution with the best facilities money can buy but the bottom line is that they will be of no use if the child does not have an inherent talent in a particular field. A child interested in music will perform well to an extent if he has the best teacher and the best possible equipments, but he will not excel in it if his heart’s desire is to be a sculptor. However, the possibility of finding out the inherent ability of the child is perhaps greater than ever with the help of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test or DMIT.

This test has just been developed in recent years and is fast gaining momentum. While the finer nuances still need some fine tuning, the results so far has been encouraging. The test is of ten minutes duration and it involves the placement of the fingers of the child on a scanner which is connected to a software which reads the ridges of the fingers and examines the fingerprints. To a layman, there might not be any perceivable difference, but the scanner shows that how the patterns of the fingers can be connected to the functioning of the brain and thus helps in finding out about the aptitude of the child. Eager parents, who cannot or do not want to wait for years for their child to grow up and then choose a career path, are taking their children, as young as two or three years old to the test centers and are running this test. The parents are handed a detailed report and time will prove whether the deduction is correct.

The test seeks to find out about the dormant intelligence of the student and the inherent qualities that he may have with regards to music, art, logistics, mathematics, nature, science or even kinesthetic and motor skills. The parents are prepared that there child will be academically inclined or will be drawn towards sports or the fine arts. This would definitely help them to understand the desires of their children and support them when they choose a particular field in future.

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