7 February 2015
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7 February 2015,

Fingerprint analysis has always been one of the major procedures in any forensic study and thanks to the thriller genre, the general public is largely aware of it. However, recently there has been a marked interest in fingerprint analysis even by the general masses, thanks to the phenomenon called DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. This test deals with the study of fingerprints among children to understand their potential and inherent talent. Simply put, with the careful analysis of fingerprints, scientists are of the opinion that it is possible to understand how the brain of an infant might function and in which field his interest would lie when he grows up.

For obvious reasons, parents today, who are extremely concerned about giving the best to their child so that they can excel even among the severe competition, are opting for this test in huge numbers. They do not want to wait till the child grows up but want the information at the very beginning so that the child might be exposed to the field towards which he has an inclination without wasting the intervening years. Multiple intelligence testing centre in Kolkata are now offering this test, as are many other cities of India and all over the world. The test had been derived from the science of dermatoglyphics, a term coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, who is considered the father of finger print analysis in America.

According to theory, the ridges on the fingers of our body start to develop as early as 19 weeks into pregnancy of the mother. They form just when the brain and the spinal cord start to develop in the embryo and remain unchanged for life. No two fingerprints are alike- the right hand differs from the left hand and every individual on this planet has different sets of fingerprints, making this part of the human body perhaps the most unique. Hence, analyzing them would be a good way to delve into the mind of a child and it can be good way of unlocking his potential. Sometimes, talents and skill remain dormant and even till the adolescent age, an individual might not come to know about his or her true aptitude. This test can hence be instrumental in helping him rediscover himself.

DMIT can be a key to understanding the child better and enhance the relationship among the parents and children.

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