5 February 2015
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5 February 2015,

Hapless parents are lining up in dozens in front of child counselors and they all seem to have the same query- Why is it that in spite of admitting their children to the best schools of the city and in best co curricular activities, their child is not excelling. DMIT or dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence testing can help in answering this question. A child’s brain development is a complex area and though parents claim to know their child the best, at the end of the day, they are really not aware of the psychological aspects that govern the behaviour of the child. They might feel that their child is being plainly naughty when in reality the child’s inner aptitude lies in something totally different than what he is being exposed to.

DMIT is a finger print analysis that works by scanning the finger prints of the child. The ridges on our fingers can be related to the functioning of the brain and the spinal cord and the relationship is developed at the embryonic stage. It strengthens as the child grows and starts responding to external stimulus. However, young children are not aware of their own potential and nor are they equipped with the vocabulary to express themselves. This is what makes the process of understanding them so difficult. But the DMIT can be instrumental is finding out how the brain of a particular child functions- whether he would be interested in science or arts, in dance or sports, will he respond more to light or sound or would assimilate more without much external stimuli and from nature.

Likewise, the parents can enroll them in courses that would increase their capacity of absorption and assimilation. It can be definitely said that a lot of misunderstandings can be avoided between parents and children in this regard. Also, it has often been seen that quite a few years are often wasted unless a child discovers his true calling- such wastage can be reduced and the child would find a proper place at the very beginning. Many parents and other adults often regret that they have wasted precious years of their early life in pursuing something at first they were not cut out for and they do not want their children to have the same fate. They believe that DMIT will be a stepping stone towards a brighter future for any child.

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