31 January 2015
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31 January 2015,

Most of the parents who come to child counselors have a common problem- they state that in spite of giving the best of everything to their child, their child’s performance refuses to improve. DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test can be the answer to this problem. This is a test that analyses how the mind of the child functions and what are his or her inherent talents or skills. Determining this would not only enable the teacher and the parents to understand the needs of the child better, but would also give them the scope to modulate their teaching plans and procedures so that the child is able to absorb and assimilate the information better.

Humans differ from each other and everyone has their own potential- while one might be artistically inclined, the other might be more academic. Some might have an aptitude for sports while another might be interested in dance. A child who is often mistaken as suffering from ADHD might just be looking for ways to spend his excess energy and the teacher and the parents should look for ways to channelize that energy so that it might be productive and help in the child’s development. On the other hand, a child might respond more to motor and non verbal instructions rather than lecture method of teaching. All of this can be understood with the help of DMIT. Many institutes over the world are encouraging the parents to go for this test so that they can chart out a plan to teach the child with more creative ways. This is definitely a major turning point in child intelligence tests. The test involves fingerprint analysis and the fingerprints are scanned and run through a specially designed software that reads the ridges of the fingers and connect it to how the brain of the individual functions.

The benefits of DMIT do not end here. Even adults can opt for this test and improve their performance skill. An adult might find that he has been putting in a lot of effort at work and yet he fails to achieve his goals- he might not be aware that his procedure for working is wrong and he would perhaps excel in another field. The test can act as an eye opener and many professionals are of the opinion that they have started performing a lot better once they have undergone this test.

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