27 January 2015
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27 January 2015,

We have often seen the confusion and dilemma that students face as they cannot make up their minds about which course to specialize in the college. So it really makes sense if the students seek early career counseling before they go through the application process in the college. A good student counseling centre provides a number of scientifically prepared questionnaires that will guide the pupils to select a career field that is based on factors like skills, interests and their personalities. There are several web portals that contain valuable information relating to the training required for a particular profession, work environments in various sectors and range of salary one can expect for a particular designation. These data act as a big help for the students to make up their mind on what should be their next step in the field of education.

Thus early counseling sessions through effective Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Testing can guide the students to choose those specific avenues that are profitable as well as suitable for them. The students can select a course of study that is highly compatible with his preferences, aptitude, persona, likes and dislikes and their long term goals in lives.


Benefits of Early Career Counseling

Let us now see the benefits of an early career counseling as summarized from the above discussion.
A career counselor can help you to know in detail about the different career options, the trends in the future market and the workplace.

A career counselor can actually guide you in appreciating what you desire from your life, what are your goals, skills, interests and values in life.

Early career counseling can help you in making the crucial decisions in your life at the right time so that there is a smooth transition from high school to college.


Defining Multiple Intelligence Test

Dr. Howard Gardner proposed the concept of multiple intelligence theory in 1983. This is a theory that recommends a major change in the way the schools and educational institutions should function. The multiple intelligence test aims to evaluate which type of intelligences are the biggest strengths for a student. The kind of intelligence a student has will in turn determine the kind of learning style that is the most suitable for him. These tests are based on Howard’s intelligence model and reveal the learning preferences of a student. Thus students have a revelation of what is the most dominant form of intelligence he possesses. After the students take this test, they also know where their true intelligence stands and what to do about it.

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