80% of adults are not satisfied as they are working in the wrong profession

Do you think your marks are the only reflection of your intelligences?

According to the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, each person is born with a collection of intelligences which have different levels of strength. Our responsibility is to identify and nurture the strongest intelligences to awaken the hidden potential inside us.

BrainMagic invites you to the Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test where you need to answer a set of scientifically designed multiple choice questions for us to analyse and identify your intelligence distribution and provide you with the result immediately. You can start planning your studies/career instantly based on the findings.

Every human being is born with these intelligences but naturally each of us has a different score. The table below shows a sample result sheet of a person that identifies his strongest intelligences

Intelligence Type
Your Score
Linguistic-Languages 29
Logical-Mathematical-Scientific 26
Musical 22
Bodily-Kinesthetic-Physical 27
Spatial-Visual-Imagination 24
Interpersonal-Communication 25
Intrapersonal-Self Confidence 26

The instructions in the report will guide you on how to interpret your score and use it to select extra curricular activities, subjects, career.

This is no Rocket Science that we perform behind the scenes, instead of a verbal communication to understand you we have the questionnaire to help us understand your intelligence distribution better.


In case you are planning to postpone taking the test allow me to tell you that you are already in the race with your competitors to get to that dream job or career and you should decide on the right track to be in, as early as possible in life. Had you got to this page earlier maybe you would be down a different path today. Give yourself the advantage of an early and accurate start and leave your competitors far behind.

My son Navin was preparing for his board exams after which we would have to decide on a particular stream of higher studies. We were in a dilemma and started checking the internet for various options. That is when we came across this Psychometric Intelligence Test from BrainMagic to understand his strong potentials. This scientific analysis was amazing and in half an hour we understood his stronger potentials from the results. Taking a decision based on the results became so simple and our daily father/son fights to choose the right career for him ended. Little did we know while fighting that both of us were wrong.

- Mr. Sajjan Gupta

Frequently Asked Questions :
  • 1. How long will the test take?
    It is a simple multiple choice questions based test to know your inner qualities and should take between 15 to 20 minutes.
  • 2. How and when will I get the results?
    The results will be summarised and generated immediately after you finish the answers and click the SUBMIT button. You can download it thereafter and BrainMagic will send a copy to your registered email id.
  • 3. Will my result be confidential ?
    We maintain high levels of security and privacy regarding your personal details. You will be able to download and receive a copy of the report and thereafter we will not maintain a copy of the same with us.
  • 4. Why are you charging only Rs.599/- for such a vital procedure?
    Absolutely correct, there are agencies that charge anywhere between Rs.900/- and Rs.1500/- for this professional test. However we try to maintain a very reasonable rate so that this service could become affordable to all sections of society. You can also recommend it to your family and friends.
  • 5. Do you have a referral program?
    Yes we do have a referral program. Join us in helping others to find their best skills. Check the following link
  • 6. What if I need more information after getting the report?
    You can immediately write to us at support@brainmagic.in with a list of your questions clearly numbered with the copy of your report attached. We shall provide you professional guidance within 2/3 working days.

For any person its quite difficult to decide on what extra-curricular activities to take up, subjects for higher education, career as most of these decisions are taken by parents or teachers and their decisions are based on their perception of life or through their experiences. However it definitely helps to know your intelligence distribution and then take decisions based on them so that there is no confusion between parents and children. Some decisions that are best taken after the results of this test.

Select the best suited extra-curricular activities
Choose the most suitable stream of higher education
Identify the most satisfying career based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence


Today everyone selects the higher studies and career based on assumptions and perceptions or marks in Board examinations. However we have brought a simple 20 minute test as a scientific tool for parents and students to decide their higher studies and career. More than 4000 students and young adults have taken our test and guidance to design the course of their lives.

Our Founder, Mr.Arun Sarkar, a Life Member of the Indian School Psychology Association has taken the lead to bring back the bonding between parents and their children which tend to break apart due to the decisions related to higher education and career. Take the initiative right NOW and look to come out of the stress and anxiety of looking towards the future on a trial and error basis.

Hear from some of those who have taken the test……….


Probably a Pizza and a coke would cost more than this and also harm you.
You will never regret investing this 20 minutes of your life to know yourself.

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