30 January 2015
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30 January 2015,

DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Testing is fast emerging as one of the most popular methods of understanding a child and parents are taking their children as young as two or three years old for the test. The DMIT analysis deals with finger print analysis of the child. It has been scientifically proven that the ridges on the fingers are associated with the development of the brain and spinal cord and the connection starts at the embryonic stage. Fingerprint analysis has always been a key area of study in the forensics for the sole reason that no two sets of fingerprints are alike on this planet, making each individual unique in this respect. Fingerprints do not change even after a heavy injury, unless the dermis is severely damaged. Hence, while studying the fingerprint, it is also possible to understand the unique features and abilities of a child.

In India, the DMIT test costs around Rs 5000 and it is conducted in leading clinics. A child counselor will be able to guide the parents to the right clinic. Once there, the fingerprints of the child would be scanned a detailed report would be sent to the parents after a couple of days. Children who show excessive energy and are extremely restless or those who are very quiet and do not respond at all are often taken to a counselor by distressed parents. The test can unravel the deepest inclinations of the child and the environment can be modified so that the child may benefit from it. Many new age schools are also encouraging parents to take their child to the Finger Print Analysis counselor so that they can place the student in courses that would be most beneficial to them.

However, child counselors in India are of the opinion that the findings of the test, though more or less accurate, should be taken too rigorously and allowance should still be made for any behavior that are perhaps not revealed through the test. For example- if the test has revealed that the child is more inclined towards sports and has enhanced motor skills, if he suddenly retreats to his room and reads for hours at a stretch, does not indicate he would equally excel in academics. There are lots of behavioral changes taking place in a growing child and while the test is a good place to start towards understanding him, it is definitely not the last word.

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