2 February 2015
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2 February 2015,

It is an unfortunate and undeniable fact that the increase in competition has now become directly proportional to the increasing amount of distress among students. They are constantly haunted by fears of failure and letting down their close ones and themselves. Expectations are rising and so are the desperate measures to which some of them are resorting to. Only proper counseling by professionals can sometimes prevent a student from sinking into an abyss of despair.

There was a time when students really did not think about their career until they were well into college but the scenario has changed drastically over the past decade. School children, still in their adolescence, are now giving serious thought to their future and it is a crucial stage in which they have to decide what they want to do in life. Some of them are confident enough to choose a career path in which they believe in but a large percentage also give in to peer or parental pressure. This is when counseling is most important. They have to instill the confidence in themselves to pursue something that is close to their heart, and not simply which will promise monetary returns. While a good paycheck is what students are taught to aspire towards, they also have to understand that if financial gains are their only objective to study and progress, then that progress would soon be stalled as they will cease to find any interest in what they are doing.

Human development is such that no two humans think or act in exactly the same way. It is possible that a student might be unaware of his or her true potential and might be unsure about what to pursue. They might be too nervous to talk about or perform their chosen task. In that case, multiple intelligence tests in Kolkata can help in determining the positive aspects of the student and towards what does his or her affinity lies. Being sure of one’s own capability can tremendously boost the self confidence of the student and motivate him to move forward. Career counseling will definitely help clear his doubts and remove any confusion that he might have had. He may have questions regarding the course he is thinking about pursuing and its outcome and how it might help him in future and all those queries can be readily answered in these sessions with the career counselor.

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